Minutes of General Body meeting held on 11-16-2002 

  1. Jain Society of Greater Cleveland (JSGC) had called a yearly General Body Meeting (GBM) of all its members at 1.30 pm on 11-16-2002, at Mentor Civic Center, Mentor, Ohio.
  2. GBM’s agenda items were - (a) To go over yearly activity (b) To discuss and seek approval from members on constitution amendments proposed by the Executive Committee and the Constitution Amendment Committee. 

  3. At 2:15 pm, 54 members were present and as per JSGC constitution GBM started. Six Executive Committee members namely – Mohan Jain (President), Chandra Jain (Vice President), Harsha Nanavati (Treasurer), Rajesh Shah, Usha Shah, Mayurika Shah and Falgun Shah – were present. Bipin Lapasia and Ashok Shah were excused for personal reasons.
  4. On behalf of the Executive Committee, Mohan Jain talked about the activities of the Jain Society of Greater Cleveland over the last two years. He thanked respected guests namely Shri Prakash Jain, Shri Dhirajbhai Pandit, Sri Sunandaben Vora, Shri Chandrakant Mehta, Sri Tarlaben Doshi, Dr. Sushma Singhvi etc.
  5. Mohan Jain informed the membership that the Executive Committee has approved 50% of total expense up to a maximum of $4999.99 towards the temple being built by Ramesh Shah et.al for display at the JAINA convention in Cincinnati. JAINA has approved up to $10000.
  6. A copy of the Treasurer’s report was distributed. It was accepted by the membership without comment.
  7. Mohan Jain invited Constitution Committee members present at the meeting (Indra Shah, Shailesh Nanavati, Hemendra Mehta) to the podium. He requested Indra Shah to conduct the meeting to review the proposed amendments to the Constitution and have them voted on by the General Body. Copies of the existing and the proposed Constitution had been mailed to the members prior to the meeting and additional copies were made available at the meeting
  8. Indra Shah explained. that the reasons for the formation of the Constitution Amendments Committee by the Executive Committee were to update the Constitution to meet the current needs of the Society and to address certain inconsistencies in the Present Constitution
  9. Members approved articles I, II, III (with modification), IV a, and IV b (with modification) of the Proposed Constitution. Article IV c of the Proposed Constitution was not approved. Then, due to time constraints, the work on Constitution Amendments was postponed to the next General Body meeting.
  10. Jitu Shah and Chhagan Bapna announced the names of the members, who were nominated for the Executive Committee for 2003 and 2004. The names were Kushal Baid, Dipika Shah, Meena Jain, Falgun Shah, Pradip Shah, Mitten Doshi, and Pravin Mehta. Pravin Mehta withdrew his nomination. Jignesh Shah, Minesh Shah and Purvin Vakil volunteered to serve and were nominated.
  11. The following 9 members were elected, without opposition, to the Executive Committee for 2003-2004: Kushal Baid, Dipika Shah, Meena Jain, Falgun Shah, Pradip Shah, Mitten Doshi, Jignesh Shah, Minesh Shah and Purvin Vakil.
  12. The General Body meeting was then adjourned.
  13. An updated copy of the now current Constitution (including changes approved in this meeting) is posted on the JSGC website www.JSGC.org A copy of the Proposed Constitution, as proposed by the Constitution Amendments Committee is also available on the JSGC website.

JSGC Executive Committee Members (Term: 2001-2002)