Minutes of General Body Meeting held on 4/19/2003 

JSGC Executive Committee Members


Note dated June 5, 2003:

The "Amended" Constitution as approved by the General Body of JSGC, during the General Body meetings of 11/16/2002 and 4/19/2003 has been posted on the JSGC website and mailed to the entire membership of JSGC with Jain Times dated June 5, 2003. If anyone in the membership notices any errors based on their notes/recollections from the above meetings, please bring them to the attention of Mitten Doshi (mittend@hotmail.com) or Kushal Baid (Kushalbaid@att.net). If no comments are received by June 30, 2003; the "Amended" Constitution referred above will become the Constitution of the Jain Society of Greater Cleveland.

Secretary of JSGC

June 5, 2003