Jain Study Group

JSGC - Jain Study Group Details

Jain Study Group sessions are held on fourth Sunday of the month from 2:00 – 4:00 PM at Jain Center. March session was rescheduled to fourth Sunday.

In this session Tattvarth Sutra, Chapter 10, last Sutra will be covered which will complete Tattvarth Sutra in almost seven years of detailed in depth studies.

There after we will get started with ‘Ratnakarand Shrvakachaar’ by Acharya Samantbhadra. This is a granth on Shravak ka Aachar, which is of direct use to us. In this session we will cover the detailed Introduction of the granth and and cover the contents of it.There are several very good Teekas (versions) of thuis are available, abd I have copies of all.

We will determine which version will do best for us. then we will order copies of books in Hindi and Gujarati (I hope it is available) and continue this on regular basis. For the upcoming session, I will make the copies of Introduction, contents, and first chapter and bring in to get started. Please try to come from the very beginning to have a good feel of it.

Contacts: Chandrakumar Jain (440) 248-5562